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Close up look of a German cockroach

German Cockroach Identification Guide

What is a German cockroach?

German cockroaches live in close association with people all across the world. Over time, these small, adaptable roaches have learned the benefits of living with people and almost exclusively live inside homes, restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses, and other places where food is prepared or stored. They cannot thrive in cold temperatures, which is why they do so well inside temperature-controlled structures which are ever so popular in our Cypress service area.

German cockroaches have a tannish-brown body with two dark parallel lines between their head and thorax. They have wings but prefer to run from place to place instead of flying. The German cockroach’s dark coloring allows these pests to hide largely out-of-site during the day while resting. Nocturnal, German cockroaches emerge from their hiding spots at night to forage for food. There is a lot the Cypress property owners need to know about the dangers of German cockroaches.

cockroach on a plant in cypress texas

Are German cockroaches dangerous?

There are many reasons why German roaches are dangerous pests and should never live inside a home or business for long.

  • As German cockroaches crawl through drawers, over counters, and inside cabinets and pantries, they contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, pathogens, parasites, excrement, and saliva.
  • They chew on and damage clothing, furniture, rugs, and other personal items.
  • They produce unpleasant foul-smelling secretions that take over a home and affect the flavor of food.
  • Having German cockroaches living in your house is a risk factor for developing allergies and producing asthma attacks in young children.
  • German cockroaches breed and establish large populations very quickly. Having large amounts of cockroaches living in a home causes a lot of financial and mental strain.

Why do I have a German cockroach problem?

German cockroaches can become a problem inside any structure that prepares or stores food. One of the biggest attractants for German cockroaches is the smell of food, especially rotting food in garbage bins. 

German cockroaches can find their way into your home on their own, crawling through spaces in walls, floors, and under doors. They also find their way inside by hitchhiking inside cardboard boxes, deliveries, grocery bags, and like items.

Where will I find German cockroaches?

German cockroaches are adaptable and can live in almost any environment, except, of course, one that is very cold; they prefer to live in areas with a lot of heat and humidity. They do best and are most active when temperatures are between 85 and 95 degrees and humidity levels are between 90 and 95 percent.

Inside our homes, German cockroaches tend to gather in kitchens, behind appliances, in damp basements, inside laundry rooms, and behind wall voids near leaking pipes or heating or air conditioners. 

Except in the case of a large infestation, you likely won’t see German cockroaches during the day. People often discover an infestation after turning a light on in the bathroom, basement, or kitchen in the middle of the night and see them scurrying away.

How do I get rid of German cockroaches?

A professional solution is the best way to rid your Greater Cypress area property of German cockroaches. At TNT Home & Commercial Services, our focus is on customer satisfaction and ensuring our customer’s properties are free of German cockroaches and other common pests!

With over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, exceptional services, and a focus on customer satisfaction, you can trust us with your pest control needs! To learn more about eliminating German cockroaches from your property, reach out to TNT Home & Commercial Services today.

How can I prevent German cockroaches in the future?

More than an inconvenience, pests can be dangerous and cause a lot of damage. In addition to our professional home pest control and commercial pest control services, use the following tips to keep German cockroaches out of your yard and home:

  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures and use dehumidifiers to get rid of excess moisture.
  • Make sure outdoor trash cans and compost bins have locking lids.
  • Inside your home, store all food, including pet food, in airtight containers, or the refrigerator.
  • Wash dirty dishes and remove trash from your house daily.
  • Vacuum floors and wipe down counters to remove sticky liquids and crumbs that German cockroaches can feed on.
  • Make it more difficult for German cockroaches to move throughout your home by sealing spaces around baseboards, door trim, door sweeps, and cracks in walls or floors.