All The Problems Rodents Can Cause In Your Houston Home

Deer mouse on wood pile

Texas has many claims to fame: fantastic weather, the live music scene, cowboys, excellent sports teams, and how about that local barbeque? Many things come to mind when you think of Texas, but have you considered the rodents? Houston, much like the rest of Texas, is rich in rodents and wildlife. When you think of the array of vibrant outdoor, bayou and urban space available to these animals, it’s no wonder that rodents love Houston just as much as we do.

Common Houston Rodents

It’s one thing to see rodents in their natural habitat, but another altogether to spot them in the home. You’ve no doubt heard of just a few of Houston’s small residents. Let’s cover a few rodents you’re likely to see in Houston homes and how we can help.  Here in Houston, residents and business owners mostly deal with roof rats, Norwegian rats, house mice, and deer mice.

Roof Rats

As you might have guessed, roof rats love to take shelter in the roof or attic. They tend to be much bigger than mice, are often black, and have long tails. They prefer vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits, but, like many other rodents, they will settle for nearly anything they can find to eat.

Norwegian Rats

Norwegian rats (also called brown rats) are longer, plumper, and often have lighter fur than roof rats. Roof rats prefer upper levels, but Norwegian rats are poor climbers and like to settle in lower areas, such as basements and holes under sidewalks and buildings. They enjoy eating both animals and plants, but are primarily vegetarian and need to drink lots of water. These rats need to be removed quickly as they are known to be disease-carriers.

House Mice

House mice are smaller than rats (ranging about 1-2 inches in length) and are gray-brown with big ears, pointed noses, and thin bodies. They like to eat grain, sweet foods, and seeds but will settle for most things. They can easily spend their lives in nests throughout buildings, including in the walls. House mice also like to burrow under appliances and within your furniture.

Deer Mice

Deer mice are brown, have pointed noses, small ears, and tails and bellies with short brown and white fur. Deer mice are both omnivorous and vegetarian, eating a variety of insects, fruits, nuts, seeds, and flowers. They are about 6 inches long and like to burrow within trees, wood heaps, abandoned squirrel nests, and under trees and bushes. Though they like to be outside, they may come in homes during cold weather and burrow in cabinets and furniture.

Rodents and mice are social creatures who rarely travel alone. This is especially true in Houston as there is little natural land for them to burrow into. Furthermore, Houston’s high levels of activity yield an abundance of food. Mice and rats create communities of as many of 100 or more, depending on the availability of food and space. Roof, attic spaces, and basements generally afford the need for space and privacy.

As they travel throughout your home, they look for food, shelter, and water. They will eat just about anything and collect materials to make their nests. Once inside and hidden, they breed rapidly and are incredibly difficult to eliminate.

Dangers Of Rodents In Your Houston Home

Rodents often leave destruction in their wake as they seek food and shelter. Evidence of rodent infestations are signs of gnawing, damage, and droppings. They can chew through wiring, packaging, clothing, household items, and even piping.

Aside from the destruction they cause, rodent feces and urine can often carry infections such as hantavirus and Lyme disease, among others. It’s important not to touch nests or droppings with your bare hands. It is impossible to predict the diseases that these rodents may be carrying, and, as a result, their droppings and urine can make one mildly or even dangerously ill.

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