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Affordable Pest Control To Protect Your Cypress Home

In the greater Cypress area, many pests cause problems for homeowners. Some are simply a nuisance, but others present serious concerns, including spreading illnesses, bringing parasites into your house, and damaging your belongings and structure. To protect your home and family, you need Cypress pest control services from the experienced professionals at TNT Home & Commercial Services.

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Starting at $79/Per Service

What's included:

    • Bi-Monthly Pest Control
    • 6 Services Per Year
    • Covers General Pests
    • 100% Service Guarantee
    • De-Webbing
    • Exterior Treatment
    • Yard Treatment
    • Interior Treatment
    • Glue Boards in Garage


Starting at $99/Per Service

What's included:

    • Quarterly Pest Control
    • 4 Services Per Year
    • Covers General Pests
    • 100% Service Guarantee
    • De-Webbing
    • Exterior Treatment
    • Yard Treatment
    • Interior Treatment
    • Glue Boards in Garage


Starting at $124/Per Service

What's included:

    • Bi-Monthly Pest Control
    • 6 Services Per Year
    • Covers General Pests
    • 100% Service Guarantee
    • De-Webbing
    • Exterior Treatment
    • Yard Treatment
    • Interior Treatment
    • Glue Boards in Garage
    • Exterior Rodent Bait Stations
    • Mosquito Traps (2)
    • Fire Ant Warranty
    • Termite Monitoring Stations

Our Home Pest Control Process

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At TNT Home & Commercial Services, we provide free inspections and estimates before performing any treatments. Not only does this allow us to gain an accurate view of your current pest pressures, but it also allows you to fully understand what your treatment plan and associated costs are before committing to them.

During our inspection, we’ll walk around the exterior of your home, looking for entry points, trails, mounds, and any other areas of concern. Inside, we’ll check under sinks, around pipes, in holes in the wall, and other areas of interest.

Your initial service visit includes interior and exterior treatments. Inside, we’ll spot treat baseboards. We’ll also place glue boards in the garage, if necessary. Outside, we’ll de-web the house and treat around the eaves, window sills, and door sills. We’ll spray a perimeter treatment around your foundation and use a granular treatment in your yard. We’ll also spot treat any ant mounds we find in your yard.

We offer several scheduling options for our residential general pest control. Depending on your needs and budget, we can return on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis to re-treat your home. This consistent service ensures that pests stay out of your home all year long. It also allows us to perform season-specific treatments to target the pests that come out at certain times of the year.

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We’ll begin your service with an inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. This inspection allows us to determine what pest pressures are active in your house so that we can target your specific problems during treatment.

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Our treatments are thorough and include both the interior and exterior. Inside we’ll spot treat where necessary. Outside, we’ll place a barrier of protection around the entire perimeter of your house, as well as treat other areas.

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Depending on your needs, we’ll provide follow-up treatments on a regularly scheduled basis. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment options that protect your home from pests all year long.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

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If you don’t currently need general pest control, but you do have a specific pest that’s causing problems in your home, we can help! We offer several specialized pest control plans to eliminate problem pests.

Our specialty pest control services include the following options:

Visit each service page to learn more about these individual services.

Safeguarding Your Family Has Never Been Easier

Keeping your family safe from the threats associated with pests doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. With TNT Home & Commercial Services’ effective and affordable home pest control services, you can rest assured that your home will remain pest-free all year long. Contact us to schedule a free inspection and estimate or to speak with us about our comprehensive commercial pest control services.

Why should I hire a professional pest control service to protect my home?

There are a number of dangerous and destructive pests that call the greater Cypress area home, including termites, rodents, bed bugs, roaches, and more. Each of these pests brings their own unique problems and headaches to homes they infest, putting your family and pets at risk as well as threatening the longevity of your home.

Unfortunately, these pests are also incredibly difficult to eliminate for homeowners working on their own, and the longer you allow the infestation to continue, the worse it will become. Enlisting the help of a professional pest control service can not only help eliminate these problems as they arise but also prevent them from happening in the first place. This could exponentially save you more time and money in the process, compared to trying to handle the problem on your own. A licensed pest control professional will also have the access to tools, equipment, and pesticides that are simply unavailable to the average homeowner. This gives them the ability to treat your home with a higher level of precision than you would be able to achieve on your own.

Most importantly, in addition to having advanced tools at their disposal, a professional will know exactly what to look for and where to treat in order to give you the best, most comprehensive solution possible for your home. He or she will also be able to recommend next steps and follow-up treatment strategies when problems arise.

How long does professional pest treatment take to start seeing results?

The speed at which you see results will vary based on the individual pests threatening your home and the severity of the infestation. For instance, treatments for stinging insects will typically be effective almost immediately while pets that require baiting (such as rodents and ants) will take longer before visible results are apparent.

However, the key benefit of having a professional residential pest treatment plan in place is the ability to stop infestations before they start. By treating new infestations before they have time to fester and grow into huge problems will enable the technician to address pest-conducive conditions around your home before they can become hot spots for pest activity.

Why do certain pests require follow-up treatments?

Different pests behave in different ways, and some are more difficult to eliminate than others. Some, like bed bugs, are realistically impossible to eliminate using one treatment due to the fact that their eggs have the ability to withstand the pesticides used against them. Treating these sorts of pests only once will most likely result in the infestation re-emerging within days or weeks when the eggs hatch, leaving you right back where you started. Others, like ticks and fleas, are highly mobile pests, multiple treatments are typically necessary in order to catch any individuals that escaped the initial treatment.

TNT Home & Commercial Services offer treatment regimens that are designed to target specific pests based on their typical activity and behaviors, allowing us to give your home a lasting solution to the problems you’re facing.

Is professional pest treatment safe for my family and pets?

Yes. Every treatment TNT Home & Commercial Services provides is designed to target pests - and only pests. Give yourself the peace of mind that your family is in good hands! Contact us today at TNT Home & Commercial Services to schedule a consultation for your home!

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