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Affordable Pest Control To Protect Your Houston Home

In the greater Houston area, many pests cause problems for homeowners. Some are simply a nuisance, but others present serious concerns, including spreading illnesses, bringing parasites into your house, and damaging your belongings and structure. To protect your home and family, you need pest control services from the experienced professionals at TNT Home & Commercial Services.


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Our Home Pest Control Process

At TNT Home & Commercial Services, we provide free inspections and estimates before performing any treatments. Not only does this allow us to gain an accurate view of your current pest pressures, but it also allows you to fully understand what your treatment plan and associated costs are before committing to them.

During our inspection, we’ll walk around the exterior of your home, looking for entry points, trails, mounds, and any other areas of concern. Inside, we’ll check under sinks, around pipes, in holes in the wall, and other areas of interest.

Your initial service visit includes interior and exterior treatments. Inside, we’ll spot treat baseboards. We’ll also place glue boards in the garage, if necessary. Outside, we’ll de-web the house and treat around the eaves, window sills, and door sills. We’ll spray a perimeter treatment around your foundation and use a granular treatment in your yard. We’ll also spot treat any ant mounds we find in your yard.

We offer several scheduling options for our residential general pest control. Depending on your needs and budget, we can return on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis to re-treat your home. This consistent service ensures that pests stay out of your home all year long. It also allows us to perform season-specific treatments to target the pests that come out at certain times of the year.

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We’ll begin your service with an inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. This inspection allows us to determine what pest pressures are active in your house so that we can target your specific problems during treatment.

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Our treatments are thorough and include both the interior and exterior. Inside we’ll spot treat where necessary. Outside, we’ll place a barrier of protection around the entire perimeter of your house, as well as treat other areas.

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Follow Up

Depending on your needs, we’ll provide follow-up treatments on a regularly scheduled basis. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment options that protect your home from pests all year long.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

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If you don’t currently need general pest control, but you do have a specific pest that’s causing problems in your home, we can help! We offer several specialized pest control plans to eliminate problem pests.

Our specialty pest control services include the following options:

Visit each service page to learn more about these individual services.

Safeguarding Your Family Has Never Been Easier

Keeping your family safe from the threats associated with pests doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. With TNT Home & Commercial Services’ effective and affordable home pest control services, you can rest assured that your home will remain pest-free all year long. Contact us to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

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