Houston's Complete Guide To Termite Swarmers

termite alates swarmers in water

Termite Swarmers And You – How To Spot Them

Termite swarmers are more than just annoying: they are often the first sign of a serious termite problem in the home or lawn. You might spot these tiny creatures gathering in clouds around:  

  • Rotten wood or firewood piles 
  • Puddles, pools, and birdbaths 
  • Brush piles or compost bins 
  • Landscaping or gardens after recent rain 
  • Buffer areas of taller shrubbery

Of course, where you spot termite swarmers outside could be a tell-tale sign of the pest's activity. The proximity of established colonies to your household could be putting your family in the path of danger. If you begin noticing 'clouds' forming near the entry points of your home, around the foundations of the house, or on the inside of windows, chances are that an infestation may be brewing nearby. There are some important things to keep in mind when attempting to make your Houston property less hospitable to termite swarmers. These points include:  

  • Storing all firewood cords in neatly stacked piles away from the sides of the home, 25 feet is often the best distance measurement for safety and security. 
  • Debris piles such as leaves, compost, and weeds should be cleared from the property as soon as possible.
  • Fill in areas that could be holding water, such as potholes or dips in the lawn. Ensure that your home is remaining dry and humidity-free by investing in a high-quality dehumidifier.

Still not quite sure what it will take to keep your home safe? Schedule a complimentary inspection with TNT Home & Commercial Services for the results you need to see.

Establish Professional Assistance For Termite Terrors

Termites are serious household enemies, and this spring, it is imperative that you do whatever it takes to keep them out. Regular inspections and preventative checks are a great way to monitor activity levels, but they will likely not be enough to handle a significant number of insects. 
No matter what kinds of do it yourself (DIY) methods you choose to use on your home, remember that there is only so much they can accomplish before becoming obsolete. After all, the truth about pest control is that it takes a professional to deal with serious infestations and not just prevention alone. TNT Home & Commercial Services is your local Houston business specializing in the care and removal of termite species. We are the best form of termite prevention in the city, offering family-owned and operated treatments for nearly a decade and counting. If you can’t trust what the bugs are bringing in, trust TNT Home & Commercial Services to march them right back out.

Call the Houston office of TNT Home & Commercial Services to schedule a termite inspection around your Houston property. We can’t wait to make your home, business, and property a safe haven from termites all year round. Get in contact with us by phone, email, or online contact form to get started on your solution today.

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