The Magic Formula For Effective Mosquito Control For Houston Properties

Mosquito biting skin

"Outdoor fun is much better with mosquitoes", said no property owner, ever. Mosquitoes are annoying pests that show up at backyard gatherings uninvited, and they bring a dozen of their friends with them. They are the worst party crashers. Do you have issues with mosquitoes in your yard? Have you been trying to get rid of them but instead find yourself scratching your head (and other parts of your body) wondering why you can't keep them away. We're going to give you some insight today. Here is the magic formula for effective mosquito control in Houston.

Understanding Why DIY Mosquito Control Fails

There are many products available that promise to help you keep mosquitoes away. Why don't they work as advertised? Well, it depends on the product. Mostly, it depends on the determination of female mosquitoes.

Are you aware that only female mosquitoes bite? Do you know why? It is because a female mosquito needs blood to fertilize her eggs. The primary source of food for female and male mosquitoes is nectar, not blood. Since blood is linked to reproduction, it makes sense that a female will be more interested in getting a blood meal than being lured into mosquito traps. If you have a bug zapper, or some kind of mosquito trap hung up, you're only likely to get male mosquitoes. This is why those traps don't work.

What about torches and candles? A determined female mosquito won't let a bad smell keep her from the continuation of her species. She will do everything she can to get the blood meal needed to lay viable eggs.

Understanding What Works

The focus of mosquito control is on preventing female mosquitoes from laying eggs and creating new mosquitoes. One female mosquito will lay a hundred eggs at a time. When those hundred eggs hatch, not only will you have a swarm of mosquitoes in your yard, but many of those new mosquitoes will be females with the ability to lay hundreds more eggs. You can resist this cycle of reproduction by eliminating breeding sites. Many mosquito species lay their eggs in stagnant water. If you have sources of stagnant water on your property, it is important to address them.

Examples of ways rainwater can be captured:

  • A toy sitting in the yard
  • A cup sitting on an outside table
  • A lawnmower that hasn't been stored away
  • A tarp covering a pile of objects
  • A clogged gutter
  • Oversaturated ground
  • Overwatered landscaping
  • A bird bath

If you have stagnant water resources in your yard, remove them or alter them to prevent the development of mosquitoes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn kiddie pools over when they aren't being used.
  • Dump water out of containers that are left outside. It takes more than a week for mosquitoes to develop. ┬áHave your gutters cleaned.
  • Water your landscaping in the morning to give the moisture time to dry up in the sun.
  • Install a water circulator to a bird bath.

How A Professional Can Help

You can resist and reduce mosquitoes on your property by making it difficult for them to lay eggs and multiply, but the best way to reduce mosquitoes is with ongoing mosquito service from a professional like TNT Home & Commercial Services. Our service professionals routinely apply a mist product to mosquito-resting places. This product eliminates simple organisms that are unable to process the active ingredient. When female mosquitoes come to rest in your yard and wait for you to come outside, they will not live to bite you. They will also not live to lay hundreds of eggs in your yard. This is one of the reasons professional mosquito treatments work so well. Schedule service for your Houston home or business today and get control of the mosquitoes on your property.

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