4 Sure Signs Of Termite Problems Around Your Houston Property

Termite swarmer looking for new home

Workers & Swarmers

Termites are typically known as the tiny, white, ant-looking pests that scurry around rotted wood. These are the worker termites. If you see these in the wooden structures of your house, they’ve already gained a foothold. But the other type of termite that you need to be able to spot is the swarmer. These are the only termites who have wings, so they do all the reproducing. Termites mate in the open as they’re flying, which precedes the creation of a colony on the property, so you’ll be able to see a swarm before anything else.

What To Look For

You can spot a termite infestation before it claims the entirety of your home by being able to recognize the following:

1. Swarmers: As I mentioned before, these are the best way to spot termite activity on your property. If you see small, grey, buzzing groups of insects near the lights outside of your house, there is probably a termite colony nearby. And if there isn’t yet, there will be soon. Remember, swarming is their mating ritual, so more pests are on the way.

2. Rotting Wood: Rotting wood is a sign that termites have begun chewing at the foundational structures of your home, so it’s time to call the professionals if you see this.

3. Frass: This term refers to the tiny piles of termite droppings and wooden pellets that these pests push out of holes in your drywall. You’ll spot the piles long before you notice the tiny holes.

4. Clicking Noises: If there are termites in your walls, their house-destroying work is going to produce some soft-clicking noises. So don’t ignore that clicking sound in your head; it might just be in your walls.

Reduce Moisture, Reduce Termites

Remember, termites love moisture. So if you don’t see any of the above signs of termites on your property yet, reducing moisture might keep them away for good. This means you need to stay on top of any water-sources around your home: repair leaking faucets and pipes, keep outdoor AC units in good condition and keep water away from the side of your house. You can direct the flow of rain away from your home by using gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks to prevent moisture buildup near the foundation.

You should also create a buffer between the bottom of your house and any soil it may come into contact with. Termites will travel through the soil until they find a significant source of wood to inhabit and eat, so keeping the soil away from the bottom of your house can make sure they don’t find their way into the foundation.

Don’t Leave Your Investment To Chance

While these preventative measures can be effective, there’s no such thing as a guarantee unless you trust the right professional pest solution technicians. Professional help, depending on the source, doesn’t always mean you’ll avoid termite damage. However, the expert pest technicians at TNT Home & Commercial Services have been keeping Houston home's termite-free for years with incredibly consistent termite control results. When you’re putting your home and property investment on the line against termites, consistency and guarantees are what you need the most. Contact TNT Home & Commercial Services at the very first sign of termite activity so that you can safeguard your Houston home from termite infestations.

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