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Rodents Are A Big Problem For Cypress Home & Business Owners

Many pests cause serious problems when they get into homes and businesses, and rodents are some of the worst. Not only are they larger than most pests – meaning they can cause more damage to your home in a shorter amount of time – but rodents also contaminate the areas where they walk, leaving your family, employees, and customers susceptible to serious diseases. A rodent infestation must be taken care of as quickly as possible to reduce the risks of damage or illness. TNT Home & Commercial Services offers pest control services in Cypress to help.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

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Free Inspection

Determining how big your rodent problem is, where the rodents are nesting, and how they’re getting inside is essential information we need in order to treat your infestation. During our free inspection, we’ll gather this information and provide you with the most effective and efficient service available.

Trapping & Baiting

Once we know where the bulk of your rodent problem is and how rodents are getting into your home or business, we’ll strategically place baits and traps in or around your building. We check these regularly and will discuss how frequently you’d like us to visit your home or business to do so.


After we remove all the rodents from your building, it’s important to seal all entry points to prevent future infestations. We offer exclusion work to seal these openings, whether at ground or roof level. Our exclusion work comes with a one-year warranty.

Protecting Your Cypress Home Or Business From Furry Threats

Rodents may look harmless, but they are destructive, dangerous pests that will harm your home or business, put your family, employees, and customers at risk, and damage your business’s reputation. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, contact TNT Home & Commercial Services immediately. We have the experience you need to efficiently eliminate your rodent infestation and ensure that it doesn’t come back. Call us to schedule your free inspection.

Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if rodents have gotten into my home or business?

A rodent infestation can be difficult to identify in the beginning. Due to rodents’ nocturnal nature, most people do not see one physically scampering across the floor unless a severe infestation has already gotten underway. Here are some key warning signs you should be aware of to prevent a rodent infestation in your home or business before it happens:

  • Small brown nut-shaped droppings around pantries, cabinets, or near food packaging
  • Paper, fabrics, or plants that have been shredded for nesting materials
  • Signs of gnawing or chewing around your walls and floors
  • Signs of tampered food packaging
  • Small coin-sized holes in the exterior of your home used for entry
  • Sounds of scampering or scurrying at night, sometimes from inside the walls
  • Stale or pungent smells coming from infested areas
  • Dead rodent bodies

If you’ve witnessed any of the above warning signs, you could be experiencing a rodent infestation. Time to get in touch with a professional for help.

How dangerous are rodents in my home or business?

Rodents are both dangerous and destructive pests, and when they enter human dwellings and structures, problems soon follow. Rats and mice are known to transmit a number of diseases to humans they live in proximity to, including Salmonella, tularemia, hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and more. In the event you are scratched or bitten by a rodent, you risk contracting rat-bite fever.

However, the diseases they carry are only part of the problem. They also carry harmful parasites inside them, such as ticks and fleas, which are host to their own dangerous diseases. Likewise, the damage caused by their persistent gnawing could create gaps in your home’s defenses that allow other pests in the area inside.

Is professional rodent treatment safe for my family and pets?

Yes. Do-it-yourself (DIY) rodent treatments are safe to use but carry a number of potential hazards and back draws that can put you or your family at risk. They also may fail to treat the entire infestation and  leave you with hazardous biological elements that rodents leave behind. Only trained professionals, such as those found at TNT Home & Commercial Services, can offer you a safe and effective method of rodent elimination for your home or business that can eliminate your rodent worries without putting any pets or people at risk.

Why is professional treatment so important when it comes to rodents?

In addition to the dangers they pose and the destruction they cause, rodents are also notoriously difficult to eliminate once they become nested. Typically, homeowners and business owners simply don’t have the right tools for the job to stop an infestation once it gets to a noticeable size.

On the other hand, the professionals at TNT Home & Commercial Services are trained and certified to identify rodents and the warning signs they leave behind. They are equipped with all the necessary tools to root out the infestation from the source. Even better, having a professional pest treatment plan in place around your home and business will help eliminate pest-conducive conditions that brought the rodents inside in the first place.

Worried about rodents? Contact us today and find out more about why rodent infestations call for professional treatment, and why there is no one better to do the job than TNT Home & Commercial Services.

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