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Located near the westernmost edge of the Greater Houston area, Fulshear may be a small town regarding its populace, but that doesn’t disqualify the adage that ‘everything is bigger in Texas’. Why? Because Fulshear isn’t just home to a human citizenry, but a population of bugs, small mammals, and everything in between. These pests – they truly are worthy of the moniker ‘Texas-sized’. 

In your hour of need, don’t feel like you’re alone in the fight against the pests roaming around your Fulshear property. You always have an ally in the professionals at TNT Home and Commercial Services, a family-owned and operated company with hands in pest control and everything in between.

Residential Pest Control In Fulshear, TX

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Here at TNT Home and Commercial Services, we understand the power of your dollar, and we want to give you a great residential pest control experience at an affordable price. That’s why we offer you free in-depth inspections and consultations. We want you to know what you have and what we can do to fix it before money even enters the equation. 

When the pest management specialists at TNT Home and Commercial Services come to your Fulshear land, we do it all for you through our comprehensive residential pest control plans. We inspect the interior and exterior of your property and come up with a treatment plan that eliminates all unwanted pests and implements preventative measures to keep them out for good. We provide a barrier of protection so that you can rest easy knowing that pests will no longer be a problem on your Fulshear property. Finally, you can expect us to follow up with you as regularly as your beautiful home requires to be pest-free all year, every year. Don’t hesitate! Reach out to the experts at TNT Home and Commercial Services today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Fulshear, TX

Whether they be mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, or otherwise, pests infesting your commercial property will cause huge problems. A pest problem will damage employee morale, your reputation, and your inventory. In the end, the devastating impact on your bottom line makes avoiding a pest problem a must. Regardless of the size of your Fulshear business, you’re never too early to prepare for potential pest problems. 

At TNT Home and Commercial Services, we customize your pest control plan to fit the unique needs of your business. Whether your enterprise runs in the fields of hospitality, manufacturing, fine dining, healthcare, or more, our knowledgeable and professional consultants will provide your company with the thoroughly executed treatments, reliable customer service representatives, and the competitive prices you need to facilitate the success of your business. Contact TNT Home and Commercial Services today for a free inspection and estimate for your Fulshear firm.

Three Things Everyone In Fulshear, TX Ought To Know About Mosquitoes

If any creature on Earth could be solely defined by the adjective ‘annoying’, let’s be honest – it would be the mosquito. No doubt about it, these winged bloodsuckers are one of our planet’s quintessential pests. There are so well known, in fact, many people think they know everything they need to about them.
If you’re tired of pesky mosquitoes bothering you and yours, a little more knowledge might be all you need to turn the tides. Here are three facts about mosquitoes everyone should know:

  • Your blood is their baby food: Male mosquitoes don’t suck blood, only the females. Why? Well, to ready them for childbirth – or rather, egg-laying.
  • Everybody’s kids need water: The mosquito’s larvae are aquatic in nature with a preference for stagnant water. Therefore, any collected water serves as a satisfactory place for mothers to lay their eggs. 
  • This stuff is rancid: Everyone has a certain fragrance they despise, and it seems mosquitoes are no different. Aromas like garlic, basil, lavender, and lemongrass are among the smells mosquitoes just can’t stand to be around. You can also use a CDC approved insecticide containing DEET to help mask your scent. 

Because knowledge is power, here’s a piece of advice: Mosquitoes can certainly be nothing more than an annoyance, but if left unchecked, they will become your worst nightmare. Don’t underestimate the mosquito! Call TNT Home and Commercial Services to greatly reduce the mosquito population on your Fulshear property.

Guide To Avoiding Rodent Problems In Fulshear, TX

Sure, the old saying ‘multiplying like rabbits’ may have been created to describe the species in question, and okay, despite the common misconception, bunnies are technically lagomorphs, not rodents, but if any other kind of creature is comparable to the reproductive momentum of rabbits, it would be the rodent. For this reason, if you ever uncover a mouse or rat in your scaffolding or your walls, it is more than likely you are already suffering from an infestation.

Don’t stand by and let this happen to you. Don’t know where to start to keep these fuzzy pests off your Fulshear property? Here are some tips to help you avoid rodents before they begin bothering you:

  • Rats and mice have surprisingly squishy bodies – that is to say, they can squeeze through surprisingly small holes. Hence, keep an eye out for any cracks on the outside of your home, even if you think they’re too small to be of concern.
  • To make your attic less comfortable for vermin, keep the area clean, dry, and efficiently ventilated.
  • Keep your lawn short and any hedges nearby trimmed away from the house itself, to keep mice and rats away from potential hiding places.
  • Slide screens into vent and chimney shafts to prevent rodents from using them as entry points.
  • Install sweeps so vermin can’t squeeze under your doorways.
  • Even pet food can be on a rodent’s meal plan, so don’t leave your dog’s, cat’s, bird’s, or what have you’s food out overnight.

Want to prevent rodents in the fastest and most efficient way possible? You’re going to need a team on your side with effective rodent control services. Our specialists at TNT Home and Commercial Services have the knowledge, experience, and resources to keep your land pest-free all year long. Don’t try to do this on your own - the experts at TNT Home and Commercial Services have you covered. Reach out to us today to learn more about our rodent control services.

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