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Reliable Pest Control & Other Services In Jersey Village, TX

Sitting at the west-central side of the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area, the charming town of Jersey Village, TX is a crowning jewel of Harris County. The town boasts a rich heritage of agriculture and dairy farming, inheriting its ionic name from Clark W. Henry in the early 1940s. Fields of plump Jersey cows gave way to brick houses and idyllic front porches. Colleges, golf courses, and swimming pools are spread across the landscape and fill the town with a life and an image all its own. 
Jersey Village, TX, is a beautiful place for home and business owners to thrive. However, they are not alone. Pest species of all kinds are infesting every corner of residential neighborhoods, ranging from biting backyard mosquitoes to itchy bed bugs. What’s worse, commercial enterprises all over town have experienced rodent infestations, termite trouble, and ant activity for decades with no reprieve. 
Established in 2013, with over 21 years of combined experience, TNT Home & Commercial Services strives to change all that. Our long-standing repertoire precedes us and has helped dozens of Jersey Village residents find the hope and vision they need to fight against pests. No pest stands a chance against our comprehensive treatment options, no matter how big or small their presence may be in your home. Discover the local difference with your family-owned business experts at TNT Home & Commercial Services now.

Residential Pest Control In Jersey Village, TX

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Pest protection for your Jersey Village home has never been simpler. The folks at TNT Home & Commercial Services are always ready and prepared for anything, and offer a three-pronged approach to pest protection, inspection, and elimination. We fight against dozens of common Texas pests, ranging from backyard mosquitoes to dangerous rodent infestations. TNT Home & Commercial Services provides several unique residential plans that fit any need or budget, offering monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly treatments to residential homes. Our consistent servicing allows for the greatest degree of pest impenetrability and protects your family all year long.  
For more information about how TNT Home & Commercial Services could best care for your needs, call our Jersey Village office right away. 

Commercial Pest Control In Jersey Village, TX 

Running a business is hard work, no matter how big or small. As a locally owned and family operated enterprise, TNT Home & Commercial Services understands this perfectly. Our team is prepared to fight for businesses by giving them the best in pest control, from fighting rodents in restaurants to termites in warehousing or distribution plants. 
We serve our customers with a wide variety of services that include: 

  • Exterior perimeter treatments & de-webbing 

  • Bait stations for rodents 

  • Light fixture and common area treatments 

  • Interior spot treatments

  • Gel baits and traps 

  • Glue board treatments 

  • Don’t allow your business to be taken advantage of by dangerous pests or unseemly wildlife. Contact the professionals at TNT Home & Commercial Services today for assistance with your unique commercial needs. 

Benefits Of Home Security In Jersey Village, TX 

Insects and other mammalian pests often infiltrate homes, but what will you do when human attackers make their way into your residence? Break-ins and burglaries are costly affairs that defile your safe space and disturb your peace of mind long after the deed is done. That’s why so many Jersey Village residents have installed home security systems in their homes and businesses. 
There are many benefits to protecting your household with home security technology. Some of the most prominent are: 

  • Enhanced protection and security 

  • The ability to arm or disarm entry points

  • Creating schedules, real-time alerts, and automatic lighting

  • HD video that records and captures suspicious activity 

  • Compatibility with other cameras, thermostats, lights, locks, and smoke detectors

Get the home security offerings you deserve with help from the folks at TNT Home & Commercial Services. 

Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In Jersey Village, TX 

Termites are not the only home-wrecking insects found in Jersey Village, TX, but they are by far some of the most expensive ones. Wood-eating insects cost homeowners millions of dollars each year in household repairs. For termites alone, that number is over five billion dollars worldwide. 
It may be confusing to know just how to avoid termite damage in the average home or business. A few tips to begin with include: 

  • Replacing landscape mulching with pea stone or river stone 

  • Mitigating moisture levels within a house or building 

  • Receiving professional prevention services on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis 

If termites have already infested your Jersey Village home, the time for prevention is in the past. Instead, invest in termite elimination with TNT Home & Commercial Services for the freedom and pest protection you deserve. 


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