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Richmond, TX Pest Control

Superior Pest Control Services In Richmond, TX

The small city of Richmond, TX, has so much to offer. We are lucky to have nature at our fingertips, as the Brazos River twists and turns throughout our town. With so much moisture and humidity by the river, it’s no wonder why pests love it here in Richmond. Pest activity is a real threat to property owners, and infestation leads to many adverse consequences. In order to guard your home and/or business from the dangers of infestation, it’s crucial to call in the experts.

TNT Home & Commercial Services is a fully licensed and insured, family-owned and operated company specializing in comprehensive pest control and basic amenity services in Richmond. We offer quality residential and commercial pest control services to properties throughout Fort Bend County and surrounding communities across the greater Houston metro area. With over 21 years of combined experience, our staff is more than ready to help. Since 2013, our team of experts has been delivering dependable, 100% guaranteed results. We offer a broad range of services including pest control, TV, phone and internet service, and electricity. Contact us today for a consultation, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Residential Pest Control In Richmond, TX

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The team at TNT Home & Commercial Services helps homeowners protect their properties from pest infestation all year long. We offer quality residential pest control solutions that cover your house from pest activity, effectively protecting your Richmond home from the dangers of pests. From our detailed inspection and initial treatment, all the way through to our regular follow up visits, we are with you every step of the way. 

We start all home-treatments with an in-depth inspection where we identify any entry points, trails, and mounds. Our technicians examine common problem spots like areas around pipes, under sinks, and holes in the walls. Once we’re familiar with your property and any pest activity on the premises, we come up with a treatment plan that is right for you. From start to finish, our team of pest experts walks you through the entire process. It is our mission to develop a personalized service plan that caters to your specific needs because we know that no two infestations are alike. Reach out to us today to learn more about our residential pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Richmond, TX

Whatever type of commercial facility you’re running, pest activity is a possibility. Infestation is a threat that seriously compromises every aspect of your business, which is why ongoing pest control services for your Richmond business is the only way to go. The team at TNT Home & Commercial Services has the expertise and resources to identify, eliminate, and prevent commercial pest infestations. We do what it takes to get the job done.

We are a team of Elite Service Professionals and proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council. Our commercial pest control solutions provide year-round coverage to a long list of properties including but not limited to healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing facilities, property management, restaurants, and warehouses. Our team offers a broad selection of commercial treatments and regularly scheduled follow up visits on a bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. Protect your business from pests; get in touch with us to get started.

Helpful Tips For Avoiding Rodent Activity In Richmond, TX

Rodents are intrusive pests, and no one wants to discover them on their property. Not only are they jarring to see, but they also contaminate surfaces and transmit diseases, posing a real health threat to those on the premises. To try and prevent a rodent infestation from occurring in your Richmond home or business, you can try the following:

  • Eliminate food and water sources.
  • Keep living areas clean, clean up spills, and eliminate clutter.
  • Seal entry points and block off cracks and crevices that provide rodents an avenue into your home.
  • Store food and belongings in gnaw proof containers.
  • Store trash in metal containers with tightly fitted lids.

The most effective form of rodent control is professional pest control services. Here at TNT Home & Commercial services, we’re experienced in the successful detection and extermination of rodent activity, giving you continued protection throughout the year. Contact us today.

Three Reasons To Avoid Termite Damage In Richmond, TX

Termites are dangerous pests, and termite infestation can have serious repercussions. Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to understanding the consequences of termite activity:

  • They may be small, but termites can cause large scale destruction. In fact, it is estimated that our country alone spends five billion dollars every year on termite damage repair and prevention costs.
  • Termites eat and burrow through damp, rotting wood. They create these intricate pathways called gallery tunnels in which they nest and travel from site to site.
  • They feed on the structural timbers of your property, compromising the integrity of the construction, thereby putting everyone on the premises at risk. It’s shocking how destructive these little wood feeders can be.

Our termite control services offer the year-round protection you need to guard your Richmond home or business against the dangers of termite infestation. Contact us today to set up an initial service visit with one of our certified pest technicians.

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